Sunday, 29 May 2011

Perth @ Night .

Here's some from Helga @night in Perth i love the bottom one when i was taking them i didn't think they would turn out at all , the pleasant surprise's of film !  i'v got some more on the digi but again i still havn't worked out how to upload them i will one day i geuss !!! off to melbourne for a week so will be pleanty of oppotunity's down there .

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Go West 2

Finely ,,,,, i'v been trying to post for days something wrong with something ???? i'm not sure ?? fixed now though so all good . Shots are from WA again big shout out to Cole and Treena our hosts with the most they showed us the way of the West and made us fall in love with it , can't wait to get back guys cheers .

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Go West .

From last week in the S/W of WA , we're hopefully moving over there soon , can't wait !! Although Sunshine Beach is a great place to live it's time for a change and WA just has so much to see and do , it's the only place in Aus that i havn't really seen so im stoked  , saving the best for last it seems .

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Honourable Mr Brine .

A Shout out to my good mate and uncle the Master lensman mr brine , he's a constant inspiration for anything creative and just loves hunting and hearing about other's venture's in finding the stoke . Ive been on my own little hunting mission and found it by the bucket load in the S/W of WA . There will be a few days of posts coming up soon . Apologies if you don't like the top shot mate . ha . check out his work at  .                        

Thursday, 19 May 2011

AAHH Autumn 1

Here's some shots from Sunshine yesterday man some magic conditions !!! everyone got there fair share of barrels !! and i got some decent shots for a change not quite doing the 1v justice but getting there ,i think it needs a service ,  ha . The next couple of posts will be from the water , im waiting on another roll which im hoping will be better . fingers crossed !!

The surf check .

The day the top photo was taken we checked about 6 spots up and down the coast and didnt even go surfing !! waste of a good swell . hopefully tommorow turns on as its the first ryza Watson  memorial surf comp at sunshine beach get down check it out enter it will be a fun day , there's good prizes and some money is being donated to charity . its a good cause and you'll have a ball after i would expect .

Monday, 16 May 2011

Heading West

Im off to WA tomorrow never been cant wait should get heaps of good shots apparently its an awesome place , my tech no how is letting me down again i havnt been bothered to start editing and figuring out how to convert the raw files from my digi iv got about 5 cards so thousands of shots , so its just a couple more from the 1v from last Wed for now, i will get my arse into gear soon though there's lots of good shots other than surf to share .  

Saturday, 14 May 2011

From the Green room .

 These are from Wed arv last week from top Gassy setting his rail heading for a phycadelic tube ( again not sure what those purple marks are look good though ) , Beauy my neighbour knocking on the door of the green room ,Burnzy fadding little local ripper Harry , ah the price of being a gromet , old Harry took it on the chin though good on him .

AHH Autumn 2

A few more from last sunday at Pitta St and Sunshine on Wed , not sure What happened with the Third one the lab gut didn't know either  but i like it , i havn't touched it mainly cause i don't know how which i'm trying to fix with getting some lessons on photoshop don't know if this is a good thing or not ?? iv still got another roll from wed afternoon to upload so ill jam some of them through tomorrow , oh dropped into the Noosa food and wine fest today it was great sorta spewing would of been a sic day chillin with mates eating and drinking all day but we were still feeling last night ha ha, well worth a look  just warn your wallet , noosafoodandwinefestival

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A few more from Helga ,

A few more from little Miss plastic fantastic , graffiti shots are from Melbourne, an ally in the city next to the Foram theatre and Movida Tapas bar , i would highly recommend visiting the area to check out the art take some photo's and eat some amazing food !!! The other's are from sunshine where the weather and swell was epic today . i shot two rolls of film out in the water and should have some good one's on there , i hope !!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

A few from Helga .

The Next couple of posts are going to be from my friend "Helga" , little miss plastic fantastic ! a few from Westend with Miss HARRIS and Mr Brine , and a couple from Sunshine beach ,im still working out this blogging thing alot of blogs i look at only put up 1 or 2 photos per post but i enjoy looking at a few and of different things so im running with that for now , it might get polished up one day .Cheers .